Gardening Without the Aches: Spine-Friendly Tips for Happy Gardeners

Can you believe spring is already here?! It's no surprise how rewarding and therapeutic gardening can be; the fresh air, Vitamin D, getting your hands into nature. But let's face it, all that bending, lifting, and digging can sometimes take a toll on our bodies, especially our backs. If you want to keep your love [...]

Straighten Up: Your Guide to Better Posture in the New Year

New year, new spine? Not so much, but, new year, new posture, yes! As we step into a new year, it's the perfect time to consider resolutions that go beyond the traditional. Improving your posture may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it can be a game-changer for your overall health, strength, and [...]

Cervical Disk Herniation Patients: A Comparative-Effectiveness Prospective Observational Study

Age or injury-related compression and inflammation of a cervical nerve root can be difficult to treat in a primary care practice. Medications are mostly ineffective, and imaging findings can often be misleading. This study evaluated the improvement of patients either receiving SMT (spinal manipulative therapy) by a chiropractor, or nerve-root injections (CNRI). The results show [...]

Chiropractic and Opioid Use in Younger Medicare Beneficiaries

This months research brief is very timely, highly relevant, and hugely impactful- it’s about the opioid epidemic. Researchers found an inverse relationship between the supply of chiropractors and opioid usage. In short, they found that the more chiropractors were available, the less opioid medications were being prescribed and filled. This speaks to the fact that [...]

A Comparison Between Chiropractic Management and Pain Clinic Management

This study was published by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and, it looked at the results of chiropractic care and pain management. They found “multidisciplinary methods of treatment are most beneficial.” But, most importantly, they found- “chiropractic treatment produced highly significant improvement in disability scores compared with the treatment administered by the pain [...]

Effectiveness of chiropractic maintenance care versus symptom-guided treatment for recurrent and persistent low back pain

A recently released pragmatic, randomized controlled trial from PLoS One has showcased an exciting new step in our understanding of chronic low back pain and how we can effectively treat it. Almost twenty percent of people who experience low back pain will be at risk of developing a chronic pain pattern. Historically, chronic low back [...]

Prevention and treatment of low back pain: evidence, challenges, and promising directions

Low back pain is now the leading cause of disability worldwide, with over 540 million people affected each day. The Lancet recently released a series of papers designed to stimulate a new conversation around the evaluation and treatment of low back pain. They cite improved integrative care and updated clinical pathways as possible solutions to [...]

The effects of a single session of spinal manipulation on strength and cortical drive in athletes

The popularity of Crossfit and WOD (workout a day) has dramatically increased the number of casual athletes we see on a daily basis. Many of these individuals are looking to not only stay pain and injury free but to increase their level of performance. While chiropractic is considered a safe and effective care option for [...]

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