Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Shortens the Cortical Silent Period

Spinal manipulation has been well-documented to decrease pain and improve the functional abilities related to many musculoskeletal disorders through a multi-layer mechanism of action. Several published studies have examined the effects of altered afferent input due to spinal joint dysfunction. This study from JEK has taken that research one step farther and examines the sensorimotor [...]

Restriction in lateral bending range of motion, lumbar lordosis, and hamstring flexibility predicts the development of low back pain

With low back pain as the leading cause of disability worldwide, it has become more critical than ever to look at the predictive factors involved in its origin. This fantastic study from BMC examined a multitude of potential factors and found a reduction in lateral bending ROM, lumbar hypolordosis, and a lack of adequate hamstring [...]

Effect of Usual Medical Care Plus Chiropractic Care vs Usual Medical Care Alone

Just a few weeks ago JAMA released a highly anticipated paper which examined the benefits of adding chiropractic care to medical care for low back pain. The findings reinforced the current guidelines indicating chiropractic care as an essential part of an evidence-based multidisciplinary approach to treating low back pain. With musculoskeletal disorders as the second [...]

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